(Singing) Procrastination…

You can always tell when I am procrastinating. I do the dishes. Or I make myself a cup of coffee and decide that, despite never once misbehaving, the kettle and the french press must be watched over during the entire brewing process.  I play with the cats.  When I am in training for Olympic-class procrastination, I brush the fuzzy cat and clip his nails.

Some people just get by with Trivia Crack or online Kendo.  Old school might go for Spider Solitaire or Minesweeper, but they’re not really trying.  Those are only good as short-term solutions for small projects, such as paying the cable bill or repotting a fern.  For large avoidance, you need something robust, like Farmville or Klondike to suck up your time and attention.  Words with Friends might work but only if your opponent is online and as determined to avoid a task as you.

What are your methods for avoiding the unpleasant realities awaiting you at your desk or in your inbox?


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